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A day out at Temple Newsam Farm, Leeds

April 11, 2013 1 comment

You wouldn’t think we lived only a (very) short drive away from the countryside the way my two carry on.

Get in the car, go down the road for ten minutes and you’re out in open air, even though they’re born and bred ‘townies.’

So today, we thought we’d go to Temple Newsam Farm in Leeds, which isn’t too far away and is a lovely day out.

On getting into the farmyard bit, the first thing they uttered was:

“Poooooooo, what’s that smell?!”

Um, that’d be the animals and the general smell of the countryside, stop moaning and sniff it up into your lungs! 🙂

They loved it really though.

As there’s ample green gardens, we took a ball so they could have a little game of football in the open spaces.

The gardens were lovely, with plenty of room for them to run about, while I sat and admired the pretty purple crocus flowers.

pretty purple crocus flowers temple newsham


We’d come to see the animals as well, though, so we set off into the farm when they’d finished running about.

We saw sheep, and little baby lambs:

Sheep at Temple Newsham


We saw the cows, and baby calves frolicking about chasing each other, and learnt that baby calves suckled milk from their mothers udders when they saw them having a drink of milk after all the gambolling about they were doing…


cows temple newsham


They even got to milk a ‘cow’ themselves as there was a  model of a cow with real udders that the children could milk.

Sat on the little milking stool, milking the udders they could pretend to be proper dairy farmers.

The cow had a bucket underneath to catch all the ‘milk’ (water, really!).

Then, after all that we still had time for the playground, where they could go on the slides and roundabouts.

There’s two playgrounds, one for 8’s and under, and one bigger for the older children so there’s something for all ages and sizes.

We’ll have to visit again soon in the summer with a nice picnic.

Any excuse to go back, and also to toughen them city kids up a bit and get them so used to the countryside they won’t notice any so called  ‘smells’ any more…..