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1940’s day at Farmer Copley’s, Pontefract

June 22, 2013 5 comments

I might be guilty of moaning a little bit (oh, OK, a lot) when the laundry basket’s full to the top and I need to get on top of the washing.

I’ll sort into piles, grab an armful of clothes, stick them into the washing machine and press a handy little button labelled ‘start’ then watch them all whizz round and get clean on their own accord.

You start to think we’re a little bit pampered nowadays when you clock sight of this type of contraption though that was on display at Farmer Copley’s Farm, Pontefract, today.

wash basket 1940s

Yes. I feel tired just thinking about it. A nice bit of carbolic soap on the side there to scrub the clothes in the water with, and then put the clothes back in and pump up and down with the handy wooden stick device sticking out of the top.

(Yes, I know it’s probably got a much more technical term than “wooden stick thing”, so if you know what it called I’d love to know. ūüôā )

Some more washing products here

washing products 1940s

So, after watching the re-enactors doing some washing, and letting the 9 year old have a go at doing the washing too, we went to look at the children’s rooms.

Little baby in her pram had to be fitted up with a gas mask, into which air had to be pumped into every 20 minutes to stop her from suffocating.

baby in gas mask

It makes you realise just how much we take for granted nowadays, doesn’t it?!

This¬† weekend is all things 1940’s at Farmer Copleys. To find out more about this or other events they are holding visit the website here¬† Farmer Copley’s,Pontefract or find them on Facebook here

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post in any way, and have received no payment whatsoever. I’m merely just sharing a good family day out.

Edit: I’ve just been reliably informed by the 9 year old that the “wooden stick thing” is, in fact, called a posser. Well, that’s me told. ūüėÄ

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A Day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

June 16, 2013 5 comments
¬†Today’s blog post is a guest post, and is courtesy of @SweetToothNim, ¬†who can usually be found blogging over here.
A family day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park was on the cards, and you can read all about their day out below.
Yorkshire Wildlife park is in Doncaster and is a fab day out. I went with my 3 boys who are 5.6yrs, 3.7yrs and 7m. I paid ¬£27 for the four of us as part of a group booking. We went with the boys’ Grandparents (In their 50’s), Aunties and Uncles (late 20’s early 30’s) and cousin who is 10.3yrs. There were eleven of us altogether. We had with us a pushchair, a buggy and picnics.
My boys
The park opens at 10.30am and we all arrived by 10.25am. It had taken me 50mins to travel from York and the park was signposted through Doncaster. I am a nervous driver when it comes to driving to new places by myself, once I had got through Doncaster (which was a bit nerve racking)  I found the Park easy to find.  There were marshals in the car-park directing you as you came in, so there were no fights for a space. There was a constant stream of traffic coming in. We had pre booked as a group and although we were there at opening time there were no queues, we were checked in and given maps.
The map and events list
The maps were easy to read and throughout the day there were different talks and feeding times happening. They were listed with the map. We could then plan our day accordingly. 5yo quickly found a sign which was part of an A-Z quiz. He found C first. ‘Herbivores eat ¬†plants and these animals eat meat, C……’ 5yo loved finding the different signs and he completed the whole A-Z on his way around the park. The answers were on a sign near the entrance, so we could check whether we had got them right. It was a lovely activity, however it could have been made into a real trail by giving out the activity on paper, it would have been easier to check our answers.I guess that would create unwanted rubbish around the park.
100_0560 (2)
The Meerkat’s shed
We walked around the park and enjoyed looking at the animals. Dotted around the park there were plenty of picnic tables and benches, as well as toilets, kiosks and cafes. We had taken picnics, so did not go in the cafes, however we did buy drinks from the kiosks. There was plenty of choice and no one complained about the price! The ice-creams and ice lollies however were not suitable for nut allergy sufferers. 5yo couldn’t have them, so no one had an ice-cream. There are also two indoor play areas and one outdoor play area. We did not go in the indoor play areas with it being nice weather, but we did spend a bit of time in the adventure playground. The three older children loved it. There were bits 3yo could do and it wasn’t too babyish for the 10yo.
10yo and 5yo jumping the logs
3yo being helped DOWN the climbing wall!
10yo and 5yo again
The park is nicely spread out and we saw half the park before lunch. Including the Lions who were all outside, the meerkats, wallaby’s and African plains.
There are three prides at the park. All are rescued Lions and there is a huge board explaining where they came from and who they are. There were informative information boards throughout the park. 5yo enjoyed reading all of them and learnt a lot about the animals. We picnicked in one of the areas. There was a table big enough and space for our picnic rugs.
5yo enjoying his picnic
3yo enjoying his picnic
7m old enjoying his picnic!
We were able to enter some enclosures. We ¬†walked around with the Wallaby’s, they were so tame we could touch them. We walked through Lemur woods and listened to an informative talk about them. The boys weren’t engaged enough to listen, but the adults did and the Lemurs kept the boys amused. There was also a South American area with Squirrel monkeys in. They were great entertainment for the children running along ropes above our heads and climbing trees. One adult in our party tried to touch the monkeys and was asked to leave the enclosure (whoops). With these enclosures there were hand wash stations and hand gels at every entrance and exit. There was a goats and sheep area too, but buggies could not go in there, so we did not venture in either.
Mummy and twin 8week old baby Lemurs
5yo and 3yo watching the Lemurs during the talk
Teeny squirrel monkey
Grandad buggy watching (or tweeting)
As we were walking around you could see that there are older areas of the park, new areas and areas they are developing. It is fantastic to see such a place thriving and growing, considering we had only heard about it a couple of months before!  The newest area was the Giraffe area. We saw them from outside and there was an option to go inside. I did not go inside however as baby wanted feeding. I was able to find a bench no problem to breastfeed him on. I sat and looked for Leopards from the downstairs viewing point. There is also a new leopard heights viewing point, however we could not see the Leopards! There were also Baboons who are new.
We visited the shop on our way out, it was reasonably priced and the children enjoyed looking in it. They came away with a little toy each. We left the park at 4pm, so it is easily as full day out for the family. We all enjoyed it, 3yo got tired as there is a lot of walking, however he was able to jump in the buggy.
Tired 3yo
The footpaths are not amazing for buggies, they are a grey, dusty stone all the way round. As it was a dry day the dust was awful, it blew around and our feet/shoes and legs/trousers when we got home were black! At times we struggled with the heavier child in a buggy. However we could get around everywhere as there were no steps (except up to leopard heights) The toilet facilities aren’t amazing, a few toilets were out of order and there was always a queue for the nappy changing facilities. The facilities that are there are clean and I saw them being replenished and cleaned at lunch time.
My boys verdicts:
Thumbs up from 5yo!!!!
Thumbs up from 3yo!!!!!!
We can’t wait to go again and find the new enclosure’s they are building. To find out more about the¬†Yorkshire wildlife park click here!¬†
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