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Goathland (Hogsmeade) train station, Yorkshire and ‘flying’ Ford Anglia’s – Harry Potter heaven!

July 31, 2013 14 comments

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, the picturesque setting of Goathland train station in the North Yorkshire Moors will set off a sense of deja vu.

For Goathland’s station also doubled as Hogsmeade Station in the Harry Potter films.

As a huge Harry Potter geek myself who has read all the books  several times, and two small people who have also very recently got into the series, we set off to the beautiful, tranquil village of Goathland for a picnic on the village green and an amble down to the train station.

Goathland station bridge

I may or may not have half expected Hagrid to be there, ushering people off one of the old fashioned trains that came in to the station.

“Firs’ years this way!”

Hagrid’less or not, it was still great to see the actual train station in the movies.

The village green also showcased a blue Ford Anglia, like the one that Arthur Weasley customised and made to fly. I don’t think this one could fly though!

ford anglia 2 2

Luckily if you did want to try and fly it, there were no Whomping Willow trees nearby to crash land into either.

Even if you’re not Harry Potter fans, Goathland is still a lovely scenic Moors village to visit. It’s also famous for being the village of Aidensfield in the police drama Heartbeat, and the Aidensfield Garage is a prominent feature.

Next time we go, I’m hoping to spot the Hogwarts Express steaming into the station…

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Having fun climbing trees

July 13, 2013 12 comments

If you delve back into the dark recesses of your mind and access your childhood memories (like I occasionally do) do you remember the sheer, simplistic fun of climbing trees?

I do.

One early memory is of primary school and the huge old oak trees where we used to play the “Roots Game.”

Basically, the rules of the game was to only stand on the roots of the trees and jump from one tree to another by standing on the gnarled, twisted roots.

If you fell off, you were out.

The National Trust seems to agree with me that trees are fun and has recently published a list of “50 Things You should Do Before You’re 11 and 3 quarters.”

Tree climbing being one of them.

So today in the park my two were found shimmying up some branches and sitting in the trees.

tree climbing

There used to be a tyre hanging in the trees which we used as a swing when growing up.

It’s a housing estate now. 😦

Do your children climb trees?

How many things in the list have they accomplished?

You can’t beat the old, simple fun.

Things To Do Before You’re 11 and 3 quarters list



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Summer strawberry picking in the sun

July 12, 2013 6 comments

The sun’s been beating down here today, so after school we decided to make the most of it and head off to the local pick your own strawberry fields for some ripe, juicy fruit.

What better way to enjoy one of summer’s most tastiest fruits than fresh from the plant?!

Armed with an empty punnet each, the fun mission of the afternoon was to sit in the middle of the rows and fill them up.

Wending our way through the rows of strawberries, we decided our best plan of action was to get into the thick of it and try picking from the back first as we figured all the juiciest ones would have disappeared from the beginning as that’s where everyone starts picking from.

Our initial methodical plan of action worked, and on hitting the middle of the rows, we found nestled underneath the leaves lots of huge, fat untouched strawberries.



The two small people took great delight in checking each fruit for their beautiful red colour, and size, and soon filled their punnets.

w strawberries

e strawberries


We’ve ended up with a great afternoon out, and two overflowing punnets of fresh strawberries.

Guess what we’ve been eating for dessert today?

I suppose we’d better get baking strawberry themed things this weekend.

Either that or just eat them as they are – they won’t last long either way in this house!