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A day at Eureka! The National Children’s Museum, Halifax

May 28, 2014 7 comments

When looking at the world through a child’s eye, everyone and everything seems huge.

From the high counters in the shops, to the kitchen appliances and worktops at home.

If you step through the doors of the Eureka Children’s Museum though, you’re instantly transported to a perfect child sized world.

You can go shopping on the ‘high street’. so with this in mind we went to the small, but perfectly formed M & S for a spot of shopping.

m and s eureka

The six year old enjoyed having a meander round, filling his basket with fresh fruit and vegetables, and a nice crusty baguette.

shopping m and s        m and s shopping basket

Once you’ve done your shopping, you can take it over to the counter and pay. This is where the 10 year old brother came in – he played the role of cashier behind the till and rung up his order.

If you’re feeling the need for some more cash after all that shopping, you can pop across the street to the Halifax bank and visit the child sized cash machine.

With their own bank card, they can put it in the machine and draw out some ‘money.’

halifax bank eureka   queueing cash machine

If they fancy sitting and playing bank manager, they can then sit behind the counter and stamp money and cheques.

halifax bank counter

The car also needed taking to the garage so after ‘driving’ it, they filled it up with petrol at one of the pumps.

After which you could go over to the kiosk and play at being the petrol attendant, telling the customer how much the transaction was and pretending to take the money.

I liked the fact there was a little sign behind the desk encouraging role play ideas – things like “pretend to be a grumpy customer who thinks his bill is too high. How would the attendant handle it? What would he say?”

It’s not only the high street that’s shrunk though. In the replica of a house, they can cook dinner in the kitchen, or play with the water trays in the bathroom.

kitchen baking trays

As you can see, the baking trays were out and they were busy putting food on them and putting in the oven.

After all the role playing, we headed upstairs to the “All About Me” section which is a great, fun way for the small ones to learn all about how their body works.

all about me zone eureka

Stand in a giant mouth and see all the different teeth we have, or put your head up a giant nose (!) Be careful though, as it has a habit of unexpectedly sneezing on you, which they both found hilarious!

Finding out what foods we need to keep our body in good condition is also made into a hands on game.

Twiddle the food choices round to the combination you think is the healthiest.

choose healthy

The healthier your meal, the more green lights light up.

For real food, there’s a lovely cafe or plenty of picnic tables outside with a play park area. Picnic tables and a big Connect 4 game?! Excellent.

picnic tables eureka  connect 4 eureka

If you’re looking for a great day out, Eureka’s a fantastic, educational choice. The kids will love being in a world where they can play at being ‘grown up’, doing all the things us boring adults take for granted, like the shopping, and taking the car to the car wash.

Different events are held regularly too,and this half term sees a Yellow Brick Road where you can meet Dorothy, The Tin Man, Scarecrow and The Cowardly Lion.

The Cowardly Lion was seen nervously twiddling his tail and asking if the queue was that for ‘courage’ when we were there… I hope he eventually found some.

We received a family pass to Eureka for this review. All views are completely honest and our true representation of our day out.

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