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Pirate Island Adventure Golf, Castleford

Sitting adjacent to the Xscape complex at Castleford, West Yorkshire, Pirate Island Adventure Golf is the latest attraction at the Junction 32 Outlet Shopping village.

Not like any other golf course, this one is completely pirate themed. On stepping into it, you’re transported into a world of pirates, treasure chests and ships, while ‘pirate music’ is piped through to add to the experience.

We were greeted by this fellow at the entrance:

jack sparrow!

On arriving, we collected our golf clubs and balls and entered Skull Cove, where skulls were lurking in the water as we played.

skull in rock

We were pleased to find that there were two different levels of play at each hole. If you were feeling confident your skills were up to the challenge, you could hit the ball through a harder route (such as through the rocks instead of straight over the grass  to make it extra tough!)

We soon gave that up though and went for the easier option. We’ll maybe do the harder one when we’re a bit more practised!

We did enjoy the different courses, and this one where we had to hit the ball over the bridge was one of our favourites.

over the bridge shot

Sea creatures lurking and watching your every move


Halfway around the course, we encountered a ‘problem’.  A mini river to cross before we could play our next hole. How were we supposed to get across without striding across and getting our feet wet?!

Then we twigged that we had to pull hard on the rope to pull the raft at the other side across to us.

Then came the fun bit – getting into the raft and pulling ourselves across to play the next hole.

This was definitely a highlight of the course, we all loved this bit!

bridge pulled across

If you want a go at adventure golf with a difference, Pirate Island Adventure Golf is a brilliantly fun activity that all ages and abilities can have a go at.

We’ll definitely be going back. I may even have another go at the ‘harder’ routes next time!

We were given a family pass in order to do this review. All opinions are completely truthful and our honest thoughts on our day out.

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  1. erinalice
    May 4, 2015 at 7:21 am

    We have a pirate mad 2 year old who would really enjoy this! I love the idea of pulling yourself across the river in a raft too! Thanks for linking up with #YorkshireFamily

  2. May 8, 2015 at 11:21 am

    Oh this looks like great fun! I think my eldest would really enjoy crazy golf and he’s always loved pirates.

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