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A day out at Game City, Nottingham

February 24, 2016 Leave a comment

As a child of the 80s, many happy hours were spent playing computer games in the comfort of my bedroom.

At a time when computers were just coming out, it was great to play all these new games and beat your own personal score.

Games may have become more sophisticated now, but there’s still a thrill at playing all the old ones – nostalgia alert!

Which is why Game City in Nottingham is so brilliant.

game city signSituated in the city centre of Nottingham, Game City has all the computer games of yesteryear, as well as more recent ones that children today will recognise and love.

Once inside the centre, you are given a wristband so that you can come and go from the game centre all day, enabling you to play all the games to your  heart’s content.

That way you can come and go as you please and spend as much time as you like in there.

A whole day can easily be spent in there once you get playing the games!






I was jumping and down with glee when I saw that my favourite ever game when growing up was there. Space Invaders!

I used to love playing Space Invaders and blasting all the aliens. The original arcade game can be played, and it was great showing the 8 and 12 year old how to play via the old fashioned way with buttons.

game city space invaders

There was also old favourites such as Pacman to play, and Ghostbusters.

Who ya gonna call?!

The two smalls were pleased to see their favourite character, Mario there and played Mario Kart on the Wii as there were computers from more recent times as well, so there’s something instantly recognisable for gamers of all ages.

Now THIS I remember from childhood Mario playing…. The Nintendo SNES!

game city super mario nes

If after a while you fancy a break from the screens, if you’re feeling brave enough there’s a Bucking Bronco that you can sit astride and try not to get thrown off.

I sat this one out, but the children loved it.

Hold on as long as you can and try not to get thrown off!

game city bronco

There’s also a great café on site to refresh yourselves after all that playing.

If you or your children (or both!) love playing computer games, you’ll absolutely love it at Game City as there’s just so many games to play and things to see.

Adults get the extra bonus of a trip down memory lane and a sense of nostalgia at the old games, and the younger children get to play all the games they know and love too whilst seeing Mum and Dad relive their youth and play computer games too!

A brilliant day out, and well  worth visiting.

For more info, you can visit the website here


I received a pass in order to do this review, but all thoughts and opinions are strictly our own.











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Springhead Park, Rothwell, Leeds

February 8, 2016 1 comment

Sundays at home always ends up with the small people going stir crazy in this household, so this weekend we decided to go out and clear the internal cobwebs.

Never mind that it was blowing a gale, we just made sure we were well wrapped up and knew that we wanted somewhere with plenty of places for them to jump and climb about.

With this in mind, we decided to go to Springhead Park, Rothwell, on the outskirts of Leeds.

rothwell park springhead park sign

The Dad had seen it when driving past one day, so as it was somewhere none of us had ever been, we decided to give it a try.

If the kids are driving you bonkers by climbing about in the house and wrestling with each other (or is that just mine?! 🙂 ) it’s a great place to go to for them to run about and let off steam.

rothwell park map

There’s a play ground, with separate play areas for small and bigger children so all ages have somewhere they can play safely.

smaller play area, with climbing frames and bigger children equipment in the background

rothwell park playground

If you fancy playing a few games of tennis, there’s a great tennis court as well.

The grounds are lovely for a walk round too, and we enjoyed going for a walk over a bridge that had this little stream running underneath.

peaceful stream watching

rothwell park stream

There’s also a great bird aviary which houses different species of birds, from cockatiels to the more exotic.

observing the birds

rothwell park aviery

photos by @thuntag

There’s a board next to the aviary with pictures and descriptions of all the different species, so you can have a go at spotting the different types.

If after all this you fancy something to eat, there’s also a great little café too.

We’ll definitely be back when the weather’s warmer, as it’d be a fantastic place for a picnic.


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Things to do in Yorkshire this half term

February 1, 2016 Leave a comment

They don’t seem to have been back at school for longer than five minutes, but the half term is already nearly upon us.

If you’re looking for family friendly things to do, here’s a few ideas to keep your small people occupied.


Halifax Eureka! Museum

The children’s museum, Eureka! in Halifax are having an exciting week for children this half term with a Destination Space and Blast Off! experience to celebrate Britain’s first astronaut, Tim Peake’s mission into space.

Take part in inter-galactic activities, and learn about life in space.



Jorvik Viking Fest, York

York’s famous Viking Festival kicks off next week, with an invasion of Vikings in Coppergate, and a display of weaponry, traditional crafts and ship displays.


The Deep, Hull

The Deep in Hull, home to all manner of sealife, will be investigating animals who use, create and play with bubbles this half term.

Take part in a bubble trail, and make bubble animals in the Craft Corner.




National Railway Museum, York

There’s plenty to do this half term at the National Railway Museum in York this half term  as well.

Free entry.

Not only can you see all the different types of trains, there’ll be a Punch and Judy Show, a miniature railway ride and lots more.

Whatever you decide to do this half term, I hope it’s a fun filled one.

Got any plans for it? Let me know in the comments box below!

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