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Humble Pie and Mash, Whitby

When you’re visiting the seaside, the traditional food route is to opt for a good old tray of fish and chips.

Next time you’re in Whitby though, if you’re fancying something a little bit different for a change, you can’t go far wrong with a trip to the Humble Pie and Mash.

Situated across the main bridge in the town centre, Humble Pie and Mash is a trip back in time.

On stepping through the doors, you’re instantly transported to the 1940s and a war time era of cosy farmhouse style kitchens and Granny’s cooking.

When we visited, downstairs was full so we were shown upstairs to the upstairs seating area, which was tastefully decorated to the era.

Music was piped through and there was an old fashioned wireless in the corner.



If you have very small kids in pushchairs, it’s worth noting that the cafe itself is fairly small with not much room to manouvre so a fold down buggy type would be preferable to a great big pram.

When it comes to the food on the menu though, it doesn’t take much imagination to know what’s going to be on offer as the clue’s in the name.

Humble Pie and Mash has a lovely selection of pies with gravy, which all come with mash and peas – either garden or mushy depending on your preference.

I opted for the corned beef and onion pie which was absolutely mouthwatering.

There was lots of succulent meat in there and a generous helping of gravy over the dish too.


The children opted for the traditional mince and onion pies, Grandma had the chicken one, and vegetarian Dad had the hommity pie which comprised potato, garlic and cheese.

All scraped their plates clean, so they must have enjoyed every last scrap just like I did!

If your kids are a little bit smaller than mine or don’t have big appetites (the pie meals are adult sized ones) then there’s also a sausage and mash option on the menu which is more child friendly a portion.

After all that lovely pie, it’s a real shame we didn’t get to try any of the dessert menu (with proper war time grub such as jam roly poly, what else?!)

We were just too full. Oh well, any excuse to go back soon and sample them is fine by me!

If  it’s proper stick to yer ribs comfort food you want, take a trip here.

Visit the website here to find out more about Humble Pie and Mash.


I have not been compensated for this blog post in any way, shape or form. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own and just felt the need to share some bloody good food with everyone. 🙂

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