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Bouncy fun at Gravity Trampoline Park, Xscape

February 20, 2018 Leave a comment

As it’s the February half term and they had some Xscape gift vouchers as a Christmas present to spend, we thought we’d visit Gravity and burn off some pent up energy.

Situated at the back of the Xscape complex just off the M62 at Castleford, Gravity Trampoline Park is full of trampolines (kids and not so little kids – even adults!) can go on and have fun.


As you can see from the picture, it was fairly empty when we went as we thought it would be better to go early so we had more chance of getting it to ourselves.

Turned out to be a good plan, as when they came off after the hour was up, a lot of people all came on at once for the next session and it quickly filled up!

On arrival, you book yourself into the session, sign a waiver form that basically outlines the safety rules,and collect your socks.

Oh, and listen to the little safety video which lasts a couple of minutes that tells you how to jump safely.

‘Elf and Safety, you know it makes sense…..

(You need to wear a special pair of Gravity socks too in order to jump as they’re the “grippy” kind that has a grip tread on the bottom.) These just cost a couple of pounds extra.

You get to keep these. So if you go more than once, make sure you take your socks back so you don’t have to fork out for another pair!)


Once all that’s out of the way, the fun bit starts! There’s lots of trampolines to choose from, and if it’s quiet like it was when we went, you can basically jump anywhere.

There’s trampolines on the floor,and the walls are trampolines too so you can throw yourself off them (nutters.)

They also enjoyed the basketball hoops as you can bounce and play basketball too.

There’s music playing too to add to the atmosphere.

Me? Well, I’d love to say I’m energetic and had a go as well, but all I was fit for this morning was a sit down and some people watching.

Luckily, there’s a great cafe bar (with free wifi!) where you can sit and relax and watch your little darlings tire themselves out.

Depending on age of course – one good thing about them being 10 and 14 now means they can jump by themselves!

There’s a little under 5 section for really small toddler types who want to bounce too.


All in all, it’s a great way to let off steam, burn off energy and have fun!

I’m hoping they’ll sleep tonight anyway……


You can visit Gravity’s website to find out more here