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Adventure Golf at Volcano Falls, Xscape, Castleford

December 29, 2014 Leave a comment

If you fancy a game of adventure golf with a difference, Volcano Falls in the Xscape complex at Castleford is a great place to visit. No boring golf courses hereĀ  – with a choice of two different courses to play on, you can choose whether you want to play next to roaring dinosaurs, or amongst the luscious surroundings of the rainforests and all their plants. We decided to play in the rainforest, which had 18 holes, all with some different type of obstacle or feature to play around to make things more interesting and challenging. This one, for example, had balls to manoeuvre around before you got to the hole: obstacles The small people made a great job of getting their golf ball straight past and into the hole. Unlike me who managed to get mine stuck behind one of the balls pictured and had to try and ‘whack’ it out the next time. Ooops. The highlight of the course was a talking rock creature that, when you putted your ball into its mouth, lit up and gave you feedback on how your shot was. talking rocks volcano falls Hit the ball into its mouth, and he lights up – if your shot is on cue, it will drop through the hole and back onto the course, leaving you with a nifty hole in one! (He’ll also tell you something like it was a good shot to make yourself feel even better!) If you hit it offside though, it won’t go down the hole, and it’ll slide out to the side unceremoniously and he isn’t quite as complimentary. Oh dear. The small people loved this hole best, and did quite a few shots on this one just to laugh at him talking to them! Beware of sudden ‘thunderstorms’ too. Every so often there’ll be a clap of thunder and the sound of rain falling. If you love playing adventure golf, you should definitely pay Volcano Falls a visit. It’s great fun for all ages, from little children, right through to fully grown adults. We’ll definitely be back, especially as I need to work on my technique and make that talking hole a little more complimentary next time! šŸ™‚ I was given a family pass in order to do this review. All thoughts, views and opinions are completely honest and strictly our own.

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Halloween fun at Pirate Island Adventure Golf, Castleford

November 1, 2014 Leave a comment

If you’re looking for some ghoulish fun this Halloween weekend, Pirate Island Adventure golf has become ‘infested’ with spiders and all manner of spookiness.

Situated in the middle of the Junction 32 shopping outlet in Castleford, this is a great adventure golf course with a difference – read about our previous trip here.

For Halloween, however, it has been transformed for some great scary fun.

Playing golf alongside the “River of Blood”, we had to be careful not to knock the ball in otherwise we’d have had to immerse our hand in the bloody water. Shriek!

blood river pirate island

With 18 holes to play, and two different courses to choose from, there’s a great variety.

On entering Pirate Island, we took a treasure map out of the chest and made sure to follow the clues to the hidden buried treasure.

Can you find the loot? We did!

Make sure you look out for spiders along the way, too.

We had some company too in the form of spooky people like this watching our every move…

skeleton pirate island

You can also try and guess the name of the skeleton in the entrance for a chance to win a prize, so we had fun trying to decide what he was called.

If you’re looking for something different to do, Pirate Island’s themed Halloween weekend is a brilliant day out for all ages.

We received tickets in order to do this review. All opinions completely our own and a true, honest representation of our day out.

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Pirate Island Adventure Golf, Castleford

June 18, 2014 2 comments

Sitting adjacent to the Xscape complex at Castleford, West Yorkshire, Pirate Island Adventure Golf is the latest attraction at the Junction 32 Outlet Shopping village.

Not like any other golf course, this one is completely pirate themed. On stepping into it, you’re transported into a world of pirates, treasure chests and ships, while ‘pirate music’ is piped through to add to the experience.

We were greeted by this fellow at the entrance:

jack sparrow!

On arriving, we collected our golf clubs and balls and entered Skull Cove, where skulls were lurking in the water as we played.

skull in rock

We were pleased to find that there were two different levels of play at each hole. If you were feeling confident your skills were up to the challenge, you could hit the ball through a harder route (such as through the rocks instead of straight over the grassĀ  to make it extra tough!)

We soon gave that up though and went for the easier option. We’ll maybe do the harder one when we’re a bit more practised!

We did enjoy the different courses, and this one where we had to hit the ball over the bridge was one of our favourites.

over the bridge shot

Sea creatures lurking and watching your every move


Halfway around the course, we encountered a ‘problem’.Ā  A mini river to cross before we could play our next hole. How were we supposed to get across without striding across and getting our feet wet?!

Then we twigged that we had to pull hard on the rope to pull the raft at the other side across to us.

Then came the fun bit – getting into the raft and pulling ourselves across to play the next hole.

This was definitely a highlight of the course, we all loved this bit!

bridge pulled across

If you want a go at adventure golf with a difference, Pirate Island Adventure Golf is a brilliantly fun activity that all ages and abilities can have a go at.

We’ll definitely be going back. I may even have another go at the ‘harder’ routes next time!

We were given a family pass in order to do this review. All opinions are completely truthful and our honest thoughts on our day out.

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