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A day out at Jorvik Viking Centre

December 13, 2014 2 comments

Located in the heart of York, the Jorvik Viking Centre celebrates the city’s rich historical past and Viking days gone by.

The original Viking Centre opened in 1984, but since then it has undergone several updates and re-developments to make it into the attraction that is there today.

On entering the Centre, we were taken into a room which has an amazing glass floor gallery so underneath your feet you can see exactly what and how all the Viking Age remains were found.

Everyday items are also on display to look at.

The best part of the whole experience (in our eyes) was the sit on time capsule ride that takes you around a re-created city of York in Viking times.

We rode past ‘Vikings’ going about their daily business, such as shopping at the market, or crafting items such as combs or knives.

We also passed by their houses where we got a glimpse of families sat around the fire.

The attraction’s¬† made all the more authentic by having everyday smells piped through, so you get to smell what life really was like back then.

The man on the Viking Age toilet near the end caused much hilarity with my toilet obsessed children!

(No photography can be taken in this part of the attraction, so no pictures I’m afraid. Although this just adds to the experience – it would hardly be the same and a true sense of Viking life if modern camera or phones were pinging and flashing everywhere!)

Once we emerged from the past and came back into the modern world, we could take a look around an exhibit which displayed two Viking skeletons which were unearthed on a previous dig.

skeleton 2 jorvik

Morbidly fascinating to see what ailments Vikings were afflicted with, and what they would have looked like.

There’s also a little kiosk where a ‘Viking’ will hammer out a Viking coin for you as a souvenir to take home.

If you’re into days gone by, archaeology¬† and the Viking way of life, you’ll be enthralled with the Jorvik Viking Centre.

It’s definitely worth a visit to see how they lived.

Jorvik Viking Centre website

We were given a family pass in order to do this review. All views strictly honest, and completely our own experience.