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Bouncy fun at Gravity Trampoline Park, Xscape

February 20, 2018 Leave a comment

As it’s the February half term and they had some Xscape gift vouchers as a Christmas present to spend, we thought we’d visit Gravity and burn off some pent up energy.

Situated at the back of the Xscape complex just off the M62 at Castleford, Gravity Trampoline Park is full of trampolines (kids and not so little kids – even adults!) can go on and have fun.


As you can see from the picture, it was fairly empty when we went as we thought it would be better to go early so we had more chance of getting it to ourselves.

Turned out to be a good plan, as when they came off after the hour was up, a lot of people all came on at once for the next session and it quickly filled up!

On arrival, you book yourself into the session, sign a waiver form that basically outlines the safety rules,and collect your socks.

Oh, and listen to the little safety video which lasts a couple of minutes that tells you how to jump safely.

‘Elf and Safety, you know it makes sense…..

(You need to wear a special pair of Gravity socks too in order to jump as they’re the “grippy” kind that has a grip tread on the bottom.) These just cost a couple of pounds extra.

You get to keep these. So if you go more than once, make sure you take your socks back so you don’t have to fork out for another pair!)


Once all that’s out of the way, the fun bit starts! There’s lots of trampolines to choose from, and if it’s quiet like it was when we went, you can basically jump anywhere.

There’s trampolines on the floor,and the walls are trampolines too so you can throw yourself off them (nutters.)

They also enjoyed the basketball hoops as you can bounce and play basketball too.

There’s music playing too to add to the atmosphere.

Me? Well, I’d love to say I’m energetic and had a go as well, but all I was fit for this morning was a sit down and some people watching.

Luckily, there’s a great cafe bar (with free wifi!) where you can sit and relax and watch your little darlings tire themselves out.

Depending on age of course – one good thing about them being 10 and 14 now means they can jump by themselves!

There’s a little under 5 section for really small toddler types who want to bounce too.


All in all, it’s a great way to let off steam, burn off energy and have fun!

I’m hoping they’ll sleep tonight anyway……


You can visit Gravity’s website to find out more here

A day out at Jorvik Viking Centre

December 13, 2014 2 comments

Located in the heart of York, the Jorvik Viking Centre celebrates the city’s rich historical past and Viking days gone by.

The original Viking Centre opened in 1984, but since then it has undergone several updates and re-developments to make it into the attraction that is there today.

On entering the Centre, we were taken into a room which has an amazing glass floor gallery so underneath your feet you can see exactly what and how all the Viking Age remains were found.

Everyday items are also on display to look at.

The best part of the whole experience (in our eyes) was the sit on time capsule ride that takes you around a re-created city of York in Viking times.

We rode past ‘Vikings’ going about their daily business, such as shopping at the market, or crafting items such as combs or knives.

We also passed by their houses where we got a glimpse of families sat around the fire.

The attraction’s  made all the more authentic by having everyday smells piped through, so you get to smell what life really was like back then.

The man on the Viking Age toilet near the end caused much hilarity with my toilet obsessed children!

(No photography can be taken in this part of the attraction, so no pictures I’m afraid. Although this just adds to the experience – it would hardly be the same and a true sense of Viking life if modern camera or phones were pinging and flashing everywhere!)

Once we emerged from the past and came back into the modern world, we could take a look around an exhibit which displayed two Viking skeletons which were unearthed on a previous dig.

skeleton 2 jorvik

Morbidly fascinating to see what ailments Vikings were afflicted with, and what they would have looked like.

There’s also a little kiosk where a ‘Viking’ will hammer out a Viking coin for you as a souvenir to take home.

If you’re into days gone by, archaeology  and the Viking way of life, you’ll be enthralled with the Jorvik Viking Centre.

It’s definitely worth a visit to see how they lived.

Jorvik Viking Centre website

We were given a family pass in order to do this review. All views strictly honest, and completely our own experience.

A day out at York Chocolate Story

June 23, 2014 4 comments

Renowned for its chocolate, the city of York has embraced its rich chocolate background and opened an attraction dedicated to all things chocolate.

Set in the heart of the city centre in King’s Square, the York Chocolate Story is three floors of the sweet stuff.

Booked onto a tour, we met our tour guide at the entrance who took us up to the first floor where we were told about the history of the different chocolate houses (Terry’s, Rowntrees, and Cravens)  and how they came about.

The past was made to ‘come alive’ with a series of  paintings, which the tour guide interacted with which added a fun twist to things.

One of the best parts for the small one was the fact that there were regular tastings of chocolate – although he wasn’t so sure about some of the earlier versions of chocolate, as they were slightly bitter and not as sweet as the chocolate we get nowadays.

The Quality Street went down a lot better!

After learning about the history of the chocolate, and how the workers packed the chocolates with speed and skill, we headed to the ‘factory’ bit.

Here we were shown how chocolate was made by a series of graphics that showed each step of the chocolate making process.


This one portrays the adding and stirring of ingredients

stirring and adding chocolate

Another highlight of the trip was the chocolate tasting part. Usually, when you eat chocolate, I bet you just usually stuff it in your mouth. Don’t you?!

No. What you should be doing is putting it onto the back of your hand first. (You’ll find out why on the tour, as I don’t want to spoil the lesson!)

tasting chocolate

After the chocolate tasting session, we had the opportunity to make our own bars of chocolate which was great fun as we could choose our own sprinkles to put in.

Then it was across to the kitchen where we watched some amazingly talented chocolatiers sculpt.

When we were there, they were sculpting a footballer and the World Cup trophy out of chocolate.

Full of tasters, we also got to take home our chocolate bar creations we had made earlier home with us.

If you’re a fan of chocolate, you’ll find the York Chocolate Story interesting.


We were given a pass in order to do this review. All thoughts completely true and our honest opinion!


Pirate Island Adventure Golf, Castleford

June 18, 2014 2 comments

Sitting adjacent to the Xscape complex at Castleford, West Yorkshire, Pirate Island Adventure Golf is the latest attraction at the Junction 32 Outlet Shopping village.

Not like any other golf course, this one is completely pirate themed. On stepping into it, you’re transported into a world of pirates, treasure chests and ships, while ‘pirate music’ is piped through to add to the experience.

We were greeted by this fellow at the entrance:

jack sparrow!

On arriving, we collected our golf clubs and balls and entered Skull Cove, where skulls were lurking in the water as we played.

skull in rock

We were pleased to find that there were two different levels of play at each hole. If you were feeling confident your skills were up to the challenge, you could hit the ball through a harder route (such as through the rocks instead of straight over the grass  to make it extra tough!)

We soon gave that up though and went for the easier option. We’ll maybe do the harder one when we’re a bit more practised!

We did enjoy the different courses, and this one where we had to hit the ball over the bridge was one of our favourites.

over the bridge shot

Sea creatures lurking and watching your every move


Halfway around the course, we encountered a ‘problem’.  A mini river to cross before we could play our next hole. How were we supposed to get across without striding across and getting our feet wet?!

Then we twigged that we had to pull hard on the rope to pull the raft at the other side across to us.

Then came the fun bit – getting into the raft and pulling ourselves across to play the next hole.

This was definitely a highlight of the course, we all loved this bit!

bridge pulled across

If you want a go at adventure golf with a difference, Pirate Island Adventure Golf is a brilliantly fun activity that all ages and abilities can have a go at.

We’ll definitely be going back. I may even have another go at the ‘harder’ routes next time!

We were given a family pass in order to do this review. All opinions are completely truthful and our honest thoughts on our day out.

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Filey Brigg Caravan and Camping, North Yorkshire

March 9, 2014 1 comment

After what seems like months of a constant deluge of rain, on waking up this morning it was amazing to see a clear blue sky with not a cloud in sight and a strange ball of light in the sky.

The sun! I was starting to think somebody had kidnapped it and run away with it.

Before it did a runner again, we piled into the car and headed to the seaside.

The Yorkshire coast, no less.

Where else?!

Filey Brigg caravan and camping site was our destination, as it’s a great place to visit even if you’re not camping out for the night. (Definitely on our to-do list though.)

Situated atop Filey Brigg, you get a magnificent view of the coastline.

filey brigg

There’s plenty of grass to have an impromptu game of football on, so that’s them happy and sold on the idea already.

ed football

As well as a fantastic playground where they could climb as much as they want. SAM_3981

We couldn’t come to the coast without setting foot on the beach though, so we took a little walk down towards the beach, which was about a ten minute walk down a (very scenic) hill.

The last descent tests you (well, it does coming back up, anyway – the 6 year old decided to do it crawling on his knees! 🙂 )

You get a nice woodland walk to keep you focused though.

walkway to beach

Then a nice play on the beach when you finally get there.

waters edge filey

I think all the sea air and climbing has done some good – they’re sound asleep tonight.

We’ll take a tent and go for longer next time.

1940’s day at Farmer Copley’s, Pontefract

June 22, 2013 5 comments

I might be guilty of moaning a little bit (oh, OK, a lot) when the laundry basket’s full to the top and I need to get on top of the washing.

I’ll sort into piles, grab an armful of clothes, stick them into the washing machine and press a handy little button labelled ‘start’ then watch them all whizz round and get clean on their own accord.

You start to think we’re a little bit pampered nowadays when you clock sight of this type of contraption though that was on display at Farmer Copley’s Farm, Pontefract, today.

wash basket 1940s

Yes. I feel tired just thinking about it. A nice bit of carbolic soap on the side there to scrub the clothes in the water with, and then put the clothes back in and pump up and down with the handy wooden stick device sticking out of the top.

(Yes, I know it’s probably got a much more technical term than “wooden stick thing”, so if you know what it called I’d love to know. 🙂 )

Some more washing products here

washing products 1940s

So, after watching the re-enactors doing some washing, and letting the 9 year old have a go at doing the washing too, we went to look at the children’s rooms.

Little baby in her pram had to be fitted up with a gas mask, into which air had to be pumped into every 20 minutes to stop her from suffocating.

baby in gas mask

It makes you realise just how much we take for granted nowadays, doesn’t it?!

This  weekend is all things 1940’s at Farmer Copleys. To find out more about this or other events they are holding visit the website here  Farmer Copley’s,Pontefract or find them on Facebook here

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post in any way, and have received no payment whatsoever. I’m merely just sharing a good family day out.

Edit: I’ve just been reliably informed by the 9 year old that the “wooden stick thing” is, in fact, called a posser. Well, that’s me told. 😀

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A day out at Temple Newsam Farm, Leeds

April 11, 2013 1 comment

You wouldn’t think we lived only a (very) short drive away from the countryside the way my two carry on.

Get in the car, go down the road for ten minutes and you’re out in open air, even though they’re born and bred ‘townies.’

So today, we thought we’d go to Temple Newsam Farm in Leeds, which isn’t too far away and is a lovely day out.

On getting into the farmyard bit, the first thing they uttered was:

“Poooooooo, what’s that smell?!”

Um, that’d be the animals and the general smell of the countryside, stop moaning and sniff it up into your lungs! 🙂

They loved it really though.

As there’s ample green gardens, we took a ball so they could have a little game of football in the open spaces.

The gardens were lovely, with plenty of room for them to run about, while I sat and admired the pretty purple crocus flowers.

pretty purple crocus flowers temple newsham


We’d come to see the animals as well, though, so we set off into the farm when they’d finished running about.

We saw sheep, and little baby lambs:

Sheep at Temple Newsham


We saw the cows, and baby calves frolicking about chasing each other, and learnt that baby calves suckled milk from their mothers udders when they saw them having a drink of milk after all the gambolling about they were doing…


cows temple newsham


They even got to milk a ‘cow’ themselves as there was a  model of a cow with real udders that the children could milk.

Sat on the little milking stool, milking the udders they could pretend to be proper dairy farmers.

The cow had a bucket underneath to catch all the ‘milk’ (water, really!).

Then, after all that we still had time for the playground, where they could go on the slides and roundabouts.

There’s two playgrounds, one for 8’s and under, and one bigger for the older children so there’s something for all ages and sizes.

We’ll have to visit again soon in the summer with a nice picnic.

Any excuse to go back, and also to toughen them city kids up a bit and get them so used to the countryside they won’t notice any so called  ‘smells’ any more…..